Supernotes is a fast note-taking app available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web. The app encourages you to break down your information into short-form notecards. This helps you to connect your knowledge together in a more flexible way – each notecard is taggable, nestable, linkable, and shareable. You can view your cards in a handful of different ways: as a List, as a grid in Broadsheet view, or as nodes in the Graph view.

Along with extended Markdown support, Supernotes supports LaTeX equations and advanced editing features such as multiple cursor support and an assortment of handy keybindings. Supernotes is a web-first application, with an emphasis on fast syncing between devices and effortless sharing between users. On Supernotes your data is always encrypted in transit (forced TLS) and encrypted at rest (AES-256).

One of the biggest benefits of Supernotes is the community. The co-founders are very active on the Community Forum, where users suggest new feature ideas, report bugs and share workflows. The co-founders also run free Onboarding sessions to help new users get started with Supernotes.

All of the Supernotes features come included on the free Starter plan. On the Starter plan you start with 40 cards, but you can refer friends or upgrade to the Unlimited plan for more features. Supernotes is a small independent startup, built by a team of two, and the subscription goes towards supporting them and the development of the platform.

Supernotes Markdown application

Supernotes Markdown Support

Supernotes provides support for the following Markdown elements.

Element Support Notes
Headings Yes
Paragraphs Yes
Line Breaks Yes
Bold Yes
Italic Yes
Blockquotes Yes
Ordered Lists Yes
Unordered Lists Yes
Code Yes
Horizontal Rules Yes
Links Yes
Images Yes
Tables Yes
Fenced Code Blocks Yes
Syntax Highlighting Yes
Footnotes Yes
Heading IDs No
Definition Lists No
Strikethrough Yes
Task Lists Yes
Emoji (copy and paste) Yes
Emoji (shortcodes) Yes
Highlight Yes
Subscript Yes
Superscript Yes
Automatic URL Linking Yes
Disabling Automatic URL Linking Yes
HTML Partial Some tags, such as <script>, are not supported.

Support for Additional Syntax Elements

As an added bonus, Supernotes provides support for several obscure elements.

Element Markdown Rendered Output
Spoilers !!This text is blurred on render!! This text is blurred on render
Embedabble Videos @[youtube](F7puJIw0k-w)
The Youtube video embedded in an iframe.
The Vimeo video embedded in an iframe.

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